Search Console Insights – New insight tool from Google

At present, there are a number of tools for analyzing and finding out how the content of the website performs in the search results. You might start by taking a turn past Google Analytics to get specific data for different pages, then disappear on to the Search Console to see rankings and other technology problems that may have arisen and then supplement with additional tools such as SEM Rush or Ahrefs. Read more on the Technology Portal website 

The list quickly becomes long and as a writer or editor you may mainly want to find out how the pages actually perform without looking around on many different websites or services. Google has understood this and has therefore started to develop a tool called Search Console Insights that will help with just this, namely to give you clear insights about how it goes for the content and what actually goes home with the visitors. All this gathered in one place. As simple and smooth as possible.
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About a week ago, Google announced on Twitter that the tool is available to a select group of testers who can try out the product during the test and beta period until it is available to everyone. That is, it is not possible to try the tool at the time of writing if you have not received an invitation, but it is still really interesting to read more about what is going on!jasa pembuatan website di solo

Today we’re starting to roll out a new experience to beta testers: Search Console Insights. It’s a way to provide content creators with the data they need to make informed decisions and improve their content. ” – Google

What are Search Console Insights?

Google itself sums up the new service as “an easier way to see what goes home with the visitors”, which I think seems to be really true. Search Console Insights is created with content creators and publishers in focus to provide them with a tool that helps answer the most common questions about how their site content performs. Questions like “what kind of content do my visitors like?”, “What should I do more or maybe less of?” or maybe “how do visitors find me?”.

What can the tool give me?

The idea of ​​the tool is to gain insights from both Google Analytics and the Google Search Console in one place to help content creators find out what actually works (or does not work). The tool should help answer questions such as:

. Which content performs best on my site?
. How does new content on the site perform?
. How do visitors find my content?
. Which external sites link to my content?
. What are the most popular searches for my site in the search results?
. Which searches are trending?
. Has the site received any new links recently?

With this type of insight, it will be easier and easier to make informed decisions and improve the content of the website without having to look at as many separate tools. In other words, perfect if you want to get quick insights on how it goes!jasa pembuatan website di solo

How do I access Search Console Insights?

The tool is currently in closed beta, which means it is only available to a test team selected by Google. So far, there is no time frame set for when the report will be released to the public.


You can quickly find out if you have been selected as a tester by visiting the official page of the tool . If you have not been selected this time, just wait for Google will surely bring in new testers in the future, so just keep an eye out!
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