8 Indonesian Cuisines That Entered the List of The World’s Best Food

Best Campus – Indonesia’s culinary treasury is rich. Sabang to Merauke has a variety of delicious food. Some of them even enter the list of the most delicious foods in the world. Here is the culinary of Indonesia which is recognized as the best food in the world. Starting from rendang, roti gambang, to Indomie Goreng Jumbo which was once referred to as the best instant ramen in the world by food columnist Los Angeles Times.

Rendang topped CNN’s World’s 50 Best Foods list. But currently minangkabau’s typical cuisine is perched in the eleventh position.

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Rendang is processed beef or buffalo cooked with spices and coconut milk for hours. The process of singing which literally means cooking for a long time produces processed meat with concentrated and dark-colored spices. Besides being popular in various regions, rendang also has important philosophical values for Minangkabau residents. That’s why this cuisine is often served at important events.

Malaysia also has a similar dish called rendang. That’s why this food was a source of debate between the citizens of both countries. But actually Padang and Malaysia rendang have a fairly different appearance and main ingredients.

Although this year was not included in CNN’s World’s 50 Best Foods list, fried rice was at the top of the list in 2017. At that time this food was in the second position after rendang. Based on the reader’s choice, Indonesian fried rice received far more votes than Thai fried rice which was ranked 23rd.

Fried rice is indeed a very popular food for locals and foreign tourists. Its simple taste makes this cuisine a ‘safe choice’ for foreign tourists who want to try Indonesian cuisine. In addition, fried rice also includes simple foods that are easy to learn. It’s easy to spread to other countries.

Satay which also includes typical Indonesian culinary also had perched on CNN’s World’s 50 Best Foods 2017, precisely in the fourteenth position. While the typical Turkish kebab whose presentation is also similar to satay is in the sixteenth position.

Almost every region in Indonesia has a variety of different satay recipes. But the most commonly found in every city is chicken satay or Madura goat satay that uses peanut and soy sauce seasoning. Satay with peanut seasoning is what seems to be most preferred by foreign tourists.